Crowd funding with Indiegogo

We have started a new crowd funding campaign with Indiegogo -  to enter the Multiple Myeloma market as an equal to the established companies already in the market place, we need to obtain our Marketing Approval through the FDA.

 Already we have done Phase II Clinical Studies at reputable research facilities, we have scientifically proven the benefits and safety of TBL-12, and we now need to get our Marketing Approval from the FDA.

This why we need your help. Your help will not only give us the Funds for the next stage, but will allow us to keep TBL-12 at a reasonable price for the consumers. By helping us with the Funding, we will not need to increase our prices to help recoup our costs, as is done by the major Drug Companies. We will be able to continue with our current price, allowing us to offer a Fully Approved Natural Product for the Treatment of Cancer at prices much lower than conventional Drugs, thereby being able to help many more people, and reducing the cost burden for everyone, the individual, the Government and the Health Care Providers.

We have shown through anecdotal results from customers who have used TBL-12 over the years, and now, through scientific research conducted at leading, world-class facilities, that this product has the potential to become a leading Cancer Treatment for not only Multiple Myeloma, but many other Cancers as well.

Cancer is a devastating disease, and one that affects many people, more than we realize. Now there is a real opportunity to be a part of a real solution to this disease, one that not only helps these people survive and live longer, but lets them survive with Quality of Life, something that is not possible with the current therapies available.

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The Benefits


This natural product, with no known side effects, that improves both your immune system and quality of life.

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The Research


The first natural product to be granted orphan drug indication for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma by the FDA. Discover the findings from some of the best scientists in the world.

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TBL-12 is a natural product made out of marine ingredients, with no known side effects. All you need to do is melt the frozen product and consume your required dose daily.

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