The story about TBL-12


TBL-12 was first discovered by Sam Grant Senior, who in 1962 was given 6 months to live with Stomach Cancer. Sam took his family to the far end of Queensland and purchased a cattle property. While there he met and helped a Chinese fisherman who saw his deteriorating condition and showed him how to prepare the marine ingredients that still are used to make TBL-12.

Over a period of time, Sam's condition improved and he left Cape York and continued with his life, only passing in August 2009 at the age of 89, some 47 years later.

TBL-12 is still made today using the same basic ingredients and following the original formula.



TBL-12 is a natural product made out of marine ingredients, with the main ingredient being bêche-de-mer (sea cucumber). It works by modulating the immune system, which is beneficial for your body and improves your quality of life.

In other words, TBL-12 treats the causes by improving the immune system, whereas many other treatments only treat the symptoms. In many cases, this is the reason why diseases tend to reoccur, because the underlying cause has not been addressed.

TBL-12 has been involved in phase II clinical trials at university hospitals in the USA, NYU and Mt Sinai. The trials are on Multiple Myeloma (Bone Cancer) and last year it was granted orphan drug indication with the FDA. It is the first natural product to be approved as a cancer drug for Multiple Myeloma with the FDA. 

TBL-12 has no known side effects and works very quickly and effectively. Most people will notice a difference in their well being within a month, and if taken as directed, will help improve their quality of life. TBL-12 is ideal for people that have been diagnosed with cancer or any other immune disease and has been shown to help those at ‘end stage’ when doctors have exhausted all options.  

We have a powerful TV article from about 10 years ago, featured on the ‘Today Tonight’ show in Australia. This program aired before we had conducted any clinical trials.

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The Benefits


This natural product, with no known side effects, that improves both your immune system and quality of life.

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The Research


The first natural product to be granted orphan drug indication for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma by the FDA. Discover the findings from some of the best scientists in the world.

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TBL-12 is a natural product made out of marine ingredients, with no known side effects. All you need to do is melt the frozen product and consume your required dose daily.

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